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Manufacturing Home & Kitchen

Accessories for your Brand

Quality Products at Factory Cost

Private Labeling Solutions for Retail, Wholesale & Online Businesses

Manumerc is an international private label manufacturer of kitchen and home products. Thanks to our extended network of factories, we source, develop and manufacture high quality products at low cost. Our industry-leading supply model will help you manage your international procurement projects at no extra cost. We make international manufacturing simple, reliable & cost effective.

What We Do

Customizing Quality Products to your Brand - Design, Printing & Packaging

Manufacturing Retail Ready Kitchen & Home Accessories.

Controlling Product Quality Through our Local Teams & Processes

Coordinating the Shipments and Future Stock Levels of your Products

Implementing Testing Standards Using Accredited Test Houses

Why Manumerc?

Factory Prices

Long term partnerships with factories across Asia, enable Manumerc to offer the most competitive prices on the world market. 

No Hidden Charges

Manumerc is an OEM manufacturing house, this is why we never charge any extra fees or commission.

You will never have to pay any sampling fees when you manufacture a product with Manumerc.

Free Samples

International Expertise

Manumerc uses the experience of its local and international teams, to secure the quality and timely delivery of all your products.

Free Supply Management

Our teams will manage your projects from start to finish, using processes that simplify the complexities of international trade.

Personalised Communication

A designated account manager and our team will be always available to assist you on any part of your project. 

Manumerc VS Other Sources

Other Suppliers



GBP(£), USD($) or EUR(€)

Payment Currency



Random - Multiple Channels

One Designated Account Manager



Free Logistics Management

Payment Terms

30% Advance - 70% Balance

25% Advance - 75% Balance

Free $150 Pre-Shipment Inspection Credit*

Pre-Shipment Inspection

At Your Cost

Product Safety


Helping You With Product Testing 

Product Samples


Free Product Samples

Production Support

Random - High Risk of Delays

Pro-active Communication & Support

Quality Control

Random - High Risk of Mistakes

3-Stage Sampling Process (NPRO Process)

Service Focus


Tailored to Your Business

Supply Chain Managment


Long Term Supply Stability & Stock Control

1. Free $150 pre-shipment inspection credit will apply to orders valued greater than $5000. The pre-shipment inspection must be arranged by you using a legitimate third party inspection provider. Manumerc will not accept pre-shipment inspection conducted by freelancers or other individuals that are not employed by a legitimate company, and capable of producing an inspection report matching Manumercs standards, in the country of origin. All pre-shipment inspections must apply AQL4.0 for minor defects and AQL2.5 for major defects.

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