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Managing your Logistics

at no Extra Cost

Manufacturing Management, Quality Control & Logistics Planning

Manumerc 360 Supply is a bundle of free services that can help you reduce operational costs

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Product Development Management

We will help your business customise our products to your own branding and specifications. Our highly experienced team will ensure that every procedure is performed with attention to detail and to the highest standard. We can also help you develop original product ideas that still do not exist on the market.

Day-to-Day Manufacturing Management

Our local and international teams will make sure that all manufacturing procedures are followed timely and that the quality of your product is maintained during all stages of the production process. A designated account manager will be always available to provide you with any key information related to your projects. 

Product Quality Management

Implementing a high standard sampling process, letting you approve the quality of your product 3 times. Manumerc offers all samples for free, and will arrange their delivery to your location*. If you choose to hire a company to inspect your products before shipment we will cover $150 of its cost.*

Product Safety Management

Product safety standards can be a complicated topic and may put businesses at risk. We research and use our experience to advice you on possible testing solutions for your products. If you decide to test your product, we will help you get the best quotes from accredited test houses.

Logistics Planning

As soon as you order is ready for shipment, we will help you plan and arrange its delivery anywhere in the world. For each of your shipments we compare quotes of at least 5 partner forwarding companies in order to reduce your shipping costs as much as possible. Also we will help you arrange cargo insurance and customs clearance.

Stock Control & Re-Order Management

For all products we supply, our team will will help you monitor and plan your future stock levels based on your demand figures. Our team will forecast your future demand while considering all relevant international logistical factors, to ensure that your business will never run out of stock and lose potential sales.

*Free $150 pre-shipment inspection credit will apply to orders valued greater than $5000. The pre-shipment inspection must be arranged by you using a legitimate third party inspection provider. Manumerc will not accept pre-shipment inspection conducted by freelancers or other individuals that are not employed by a legitimate company, and capable of producing an inspection report matching Manumercs standards, in the country of origin. All pre-shipment inspections must apply AQL4.0 for minor defects and AQL2.5 for major defects.

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