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Manumerc NPRO Process

 High Standard Manufacturing Control

Start Sourcing a Product

Free Product Samples - Low MOQs

Manumerc NPRO helps you track the manufacturing process of your products in a simple way

| NPRO Process | Overview of all Manufacturing Stages |

1. Product Specifications

Click "Start Now" to upload your product specifications, you can use our NPRO template to structure your request. Once we receive it, our team will find the best available production option among our factories. Sourcing is provided free of charge.

2. Production

When all costings are confirmed, we will send you a non-customized pre-order sample (POS) for you to review the quality of the product. If the POS is approved, you will receive a pre-production sample (PPS) that is customized to your specifications and branding. PPS will give you a complete view of how your products will feel and look. 

3. Shipping

Before your order is dispatched, a pre-shipment sample (PSS) will be sent to you for a final approval. In case you want to arrange a pre-shipment inspection, Manumerc will cover $150 of the total inspection value*. When your order is approved to ship, we will arrange the shipment anywhere in the world.


  1. Free $150 pre-shipment inspection credit will apply to orders valued greater than $5000. The pre-shipment inspection must be arranged by you using a legitimate third party inspection provider. Manumerc will not accept pre-shipment inspection conducted by freelancers or other individuals that are not employed by a legitimate company, and capable of producing an inspection report matching Manumerc's standards, in the country of origin. All pre-shipment inspections must apply AQL4.0 for minor defects and AQL2.5 for major defects.

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